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New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the nation's leading natural history and science museums, the institution was founded in 1986 and is close to Old Town. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is home to an impressive array of interactive and educational displays, visiting collections, a planetarium, an IMAX theater and permanent exhibits. Notably, the museum's "Journey Through Time" exhibit traces our planet from the beginnings of the Universe (13.6 billion years ago) through the dinosaur era (251 million to 202 million years ago) and into New Mexico's Ice Age (1.6 million to 10,000 years ago). To learn more about the many fascinating exhibits and things to see and do at Albuquerque's New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science, visit

New Mexico Natural History Museum Hotel -

Explore and be amazed at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science in Albuquerque, then return home to the many comforts of the Hotel Albuquerque. A landmark hotel that is home to contemporary comforts and newly renovated accommodations, our Albuquerque, NM hotel offers a distinctive southwest cultural experience and a host of fine amenities, including an oversized outdoor pool & Jacuzzi spa, two on-site restaurants and lounges, in-room massage services, elegant meeting & banquet rooms, as well as a romantic wedding chapel and gardens surrounding the property.
Museum of Natural History & Science Museum

Museum Exhibits -

The main feature of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science's permanent exhibit hall is the "Journey Through Time" exhibit, which traces our earth from the earliest beginnings of the Universe more than 13.6 billion years ago to the dawn of the Ice Age, which ended approximately 10,000 years ago. The Journey is covered in eight halls, which includes: "Origins"; the "Dawn of the Dinosaurs" exhibit; the "Age of Super Giants," which covers the Jurassic period; an exhibit on "New Mexico's Seacoast,"; the "Age of Volcanoes" exhibit; "Evolving Grasslands"; "The Cave" and "New Mexico's Ice Age." To learn more about the permanent exhibitions at the Albuquerque Natural History Museum, visit

Museum Highlights

  • Dinosaur Entrance -

    Some of the most important dinosaur discoveries in the world have been made in New Mexico, which is commemorated by two life-size bronze sculptures by artist Dave Thomas.
  • Space Frontiers -

    Explore Space Frontiers to get a look at New Mexico's bright future and storied history of space exploration.
  • T-Rex Attack -

    Go head-to-head with a Tyrannosaurus rex! T-Rex Attack allows you to experience the ferocious beast as it prepares to attack.

    This award-winning exhibit is the first-ever in a museum that's about the microcomputer.
  • Naturalist Center -

    Get a hands-on experience of nature in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History's Naturalist Center.
  • FossilWorks -

    Learn more about how fossils go from the ground to being preserved for viewing in the museum.
  • New Mexico Natural History Museum's Planetarium -

    Take a journey through the night skies in the museum's planetarium.
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